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Ethnic and Practical; Linen and Daisy Tussar Sarees Are Definitely In Right Now

Linen Sarees

All about Linen and Daisy Tussar Saree:

Linen Love

Everyone loves linen. When we say everyone, we mean all women whether 16 or 60 feel comfortable wearing linen. The one thing that appeals everyone the most is the universal nature of linen, and how it seems to suit everyone irrespective of their shape and body type.

Linen is lightweight and also pretty easy to handle. Linen Sarees in specific have been popular amongst Indian women for a while now. These sarees are worn all year long and are especially loved in summers more than any other season.

Timeless Tussar

When we come down to Tussar Silk, it is the rare kind of silk that you won’t really find everywhere. The thread of Tussar Silk generally has a golden undertone, which makes it shine. The shine makes Tussar Silk the greatest choice when it comes to special events, especially when we talk about sarees in Tussar Silk.

Compared to normal silk, Tussar Silk is a lot more textured and works as an amazing base for embroidery. Tussar silk lies more on the fancier side, so you can easily wear these to special events whenever you want.


What people love about Linen Sarees?

It’s true that the manufacturing process of these linen sarees is pretty tiring, as it isn’t quite the easiest of the processes. However, once the sarees are made, the effort seems to be completely worth it. The material of these sarees is generally very soft, and the sweat absorbing quality of linen helps them stay completely relevant during the summers.

The one thing most people love about linen sarees is how they seem to give you a very fresh look, modern and decent look. This makes them perfect to be worn just about every day, no matter where you’re going.

What’s so special about Daisy Tussar?

The one thing that people seem to love the most about Daisy Tussar is the subtle golden sheen that just shines through the fabric when you wear it. The way the fabric seems to reflect the light is something everyone seems to love, and it works elegantly well especially on special occasion. This way, you can always have a unique and attractive look whenever you want, and the fact that it looks expensive just adds on to it.


Where do they originate from?


Like most of the cloth which was made back around 5000 B.C., linen also came into being when people started spinning cloth with plant fibers. Linen is generally derived from flax plant fibers. At that time, linen was mostly completely handspun due to the lack of machines. Now that we see linen which is spun through the processing of several different machines in factories, it is of a much finer quality.


Tussar Silk was definitely a discovery from the medieval times. It is produced mainly within India, and the name is Kosa Silk in Sanskrit. Tussar silk is made from the larvae of different species of silkworms. There generally isn’t a lot of information available when it comes to the exact origin of Tussar Silk, so we can’t really pinpoint the exact time when it started to get produced.


Linen Sarees – Savior in summers

In India, the summers are mostly very hot and humid. When you sweat a lot, it becomes hard to stay fashionable and comfortable at the same time. You need to choose a fabric which is tender and soft, while also being light weight. It needs to be really sweat absorbent if it needs to make the cut for being in your summer wardrobe. Linen rocks all of these qualities like nothing else. When it comes to linen sarees, they help you maintain a very modern and ethnic style while still making sure you remain comfortable throughout your summer days.

Another advantage is the ease with which you can move around. The material isn’t very restricting, and because of the fact that it’s very flexible, you will always feel at ease. This helps massively if you’re a working lady. The kind of comfort linen sarees provide you, along with its nice breathable nature, you can always count on the linen sarees to make your days easier to deal with.

Tussar Sarees – Rocking Formal Functions

These sarees are mostly perfect to be worn on special occasions. They aren’t really well suited to be worn every single day, as they don’t suit everyday looks. However, the Tussar sarees tend to be the perfect thing to wear on almost any fancy occasion at all. They look rich and have a golden sheen to them, and it all contributes to them making you look beautiful no matter what.


Our exclusive collection of Linen Sarees

With our linen sarees, we focus the most on soft and feminine colors. Hence our collection is a diverse range of pastel and dark shades, including light pink, mehendi green, dark blue, silver, purple, peach etc. You’ll find some bright colors and some dull ones as well with flower embroidery, jute pallu, flower printed and appliqué work. Our linen sarees have a way to maintain their decency and always have a modern touch to them. We have a wide variety of linen sarees with full embroidery work, mirror work and pure linen saree with printed blouse etc. to choose from. A lot of our widely loved sarees have floral patterns, hence we know that light and cozy sarees are what most women seem to adore!

Our uniquely designed Daisy Tessar Sarees

When it comes to our daisy tessar sarees, we really want to make sure that elegance is maintained. Our collection of daisy tessar sarees mostly includes sarees with full embroidery work, patch work, and flower cut work. To enhance the overall look of the saree we provide rich, contrasting blouse piece with every saree. In any way possible, our sarees efficiently maintain femininity in the most decent and elegant ways possible.

Daisy Tussar Sarees

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Linen Sarees or Daisy Tussar ones, both of these leave a great room for creativity. You can always experiment around with the drapes and the blouses and get to the end results in the way that you want.


Taking care of your Linen and Daisy Tussar Saress:

Linen Sarees

Linen requires almost little to no maintenance. The fabric won’t get spoiled or anything of that sort, as it is mostly known to only get softer as you keep washing it. It is mostly also known to resist stains, which is why removing them would be easy too, but you should avoid stains regardless. You can steam them, wash them and dry clean them as well, so you really don’t need to worry about being careful with linen sarees.

Tussar Sarees

When it comes to tussar sarees, not a lot of maintenance is required at all. All you need to beware of includes two things; you need to make sure that you don’t get any stains on it, and you’ll need to take care of its sheen. The golden touch of the fabric is what makes it unique, and you can protect that by ironing it and getting it dry cleaned at least once every month if it is in constant use. One thing to note is that after dry cleaning it, Tussar should not be wrapped in plastic, as all silks need to breathe for them to stay maintained.


Just Go For It

Exquisite quality linen and daisy tussar sarees are hard to find, however, you will find many in our saree collections which range over the widest kinds of styles and colors.

It can get a bit expensive when it comes to both Linen and Daisy Tussar Sarees. However, it is always completely worth what you spend; if you get to look elegant and are able to showcase your personality in the form of the way you style your sarees, it will turn out to be stunning no matter what.

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