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Which Silk Saree Is Best To Wear On A Wedding Day?

Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are definitely in vogue and no matter whose wedding you attend, you are bound to find women clad in them. Silk sarees have been an evergreen choice and they have been in vogue since times immemorial.

The traditional silk saree

If you are not looking to experiment much and want the kind of look that is subtle, elegant, classy, and trendy at the same time, we recommend settling for the traditional silk sarees. They have an aura of their own. Choose the colour which best matches your personality. Ideally, go for bold shades like red, flashy pink or you could play it cool with orange and gold as well.

Jumping the jazz factor

If you are looking to play with your choices and want to “up” your look, we recommend checking out the best of festive wear silk sarees. These are the ones which come in varying styles and with different kinds of cuts, designs and even work, you can definitely steal the party with the ornate silk sarees that are meant to be the life of a party.

Organza silk saree

Organza mainly is a sheer fabric which tends to glitter and is considered a luxury fabric. The best of deluxe silk organza are woven in upscale fashion houses of France and Italy.

When it comes to organza silk sarees, the variety you are going to find is whopping and diverse. You can choose Banarasi organza, Kanchi organza, handloom organza and a lot more. These sarees have a timeless appeal and they are worn mostly for upscale cocktail events as it emits a breezy vibe.

Sarees with Katha work

Saree With Katha Work












If you like to play it traditional and want the kind of silk saree that is replete with the right work, we recommended checking out online silk saree with Katha work. Mainly a kind of embroidery work which is mostly famous in the eastern region of the Indian subcontinent, these sarees are spreading in popularity elsewhere too.

You can find some great designer pieces at Shivane’s boutique as they specialize in the best of silk sarees for all occasions.

Dressing up is an art which helps women revel in their glory. You should never dress to impress but rather to express the beauty which stays inside you. So, wear that which you love best because someone has rightly said, ‘fashion is all about being comfortable in your own skin’.

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