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Kathan Sarees

Kathan sarees are a testament to the craftsmanship of Indian weavers. Crafted from intricately spun pure silk threads, these sarees are renowned for their luxurious style, designs, and rich heritage. At Shivane's Boutique, we are showcasing the legacy of Kathan sarees with a collection made up of the finest examples of this traditional craft.

Unlike other silk varieties, Kathan displays a sturdiness without compromising on drape. This characteristic allows for intricate and detailed weaving patterns, often featuring captivating designs and shimmering work. Our collection features Kathan sarees in a variety of styles, from classic weaves to contemporary interpretations that push the boundaries of tradition.

The beauty of Kathan sarees goes beyond their visual appeal. The natural breathability of silk ensures you stay cool throughout the day, making them perfect for special events and formal gatherings.

We invite you to take experience the beauty of Kathan saree designs with traditional styles.


1. What is a Kathan saree?

Kathan sarees is a traditional saree from Gujarat. They are popular for their detailed embroideries and their vibrant set of patterns.

2. What makes the embroidery on Kathan sarees special?

The embroidery on Kathan sarees is a meticulous process called "katha stitch." This hand-stitching technique creates beautiful raised patterns that add a unique textural element to the saree.

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