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Tussar sarees have a unique significance in the realm of traditional clothing. Made from the fibres of wild silk moths, these sarees display a distinct allure and natural beauty. Tussar silk, in contrast to mulberry silk, features a unique golden colour and a slightly textured pattern, resulting in a fabric that is abundant in both character and tradition.

Shivane's Boutique celebrates the inherent appeal of tussar sarees. From classic weaves with intricate zari work to contemporary designs that incorporate vibrant patterns, you'll find a saree for your preference.

The appeal of tussar silk sarees extends beyond their appearance. The fabric's innate ability to allow air flow makes them perfect for hot weather, ensuring you stay cool and cosy. Furthermore, tussar silk is renowned for its long-lasting quality, guaranteeing that your saree will remain a cherished wardrobe piece for many years.

Explore the world of tussar silk sarees at Shivane's Boutique and uncover a material steeped in history and enchanting allure. Let us help you find the perfect tussar saree to celebrate your connection to tradition in your style.


1. Are tussar silk sarees durable?
Yes, tussar silk is known for its durable quality, one that can last for years to come.

2. Are tussar silk sarees comfortable to wear in hot weather?
Absolutely! Tussar silk is known for its excellent breathability. The natural characteristics of this fabric allows air to circulate freely, keeping you cool during summer season.

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