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Parsi work sarees, with a deep historical significance and elaborate details, play a significant role in the realm of sarees. These sarees are well-known for their intricate embroidery, a distinctive craft that has been inherited by Parsi artisans for many generations.

Every saree we offer is a work of art, highlighting precise craftsmanship and beautiful design. Elaborate geometric designs, floral patterns, and mesmerising representations of nature are skillfully stitched onto the saree’s fabric, frequently utilising bright threads and complex methods.

The foundation fabric of Parsi work sarees may differ, providing various appearances and textures. From the opulent satin to the cool chiffon, you'll discover the ideal backdrop to enhance the detailed stitching.

The appeal of Parsi work sarees is not only limited to their appearance but its also rooted in their cultural background. These sarees are perfect for special events and formal gatherings, as their detailed designs and cultural significance will definitely attract attention.

Discover the enchanting craftsmanship and intricate designs of Parsi work sarees in Shivane's Boutique's collection. Find your ideal Parsi work saree that embodies tradition, showcases exceptional craftsmanship, creating a lasting impact.


1. What are Parsi work sarees?

Parsi work sarees are known for their intricate and beautiful hand embroidery, a traditional art form practised by the Parsi community of India. These sarees are often made from luxurious fabrics like silk or georgette and feature elaborate designs with rich cultural heritage.

2. How much does a Parsi work saree typically cost?

Due to the time and skill involved in creating them, Parsi work sarees can range in price from moderate to very expensive. The cost of these sarees is based on the design, and the craftsmanship.

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